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Let Zoluhle Financial Wellness help you fix your credit record, pay off your debt, remove debt review, defaults, judgements and make sure that your name is no longer blacklisted.


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Help you purchase your first home.​

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Improve your financial literacy​.

Remove your name from blacklist.

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Our Popular Products

These are some of our most popular individual programs at Zoluhle.

The Money Makeover Masterclass

The Money Make Over Masterclass is a 6 month program designed to change your money story forever. The program includes a full-day training workshop that will show you the most direct, clear and easy to follow plan towards financial fitness. The program will demonstrate the specific choices that you can make right now to accelerate your journey to financial independence.

The Credit Assessment

The fully online interactive training that will guide you towards becoming a confident credit coach. The program equips coaches to deliver value to clients. The program establishes the foundation you need to learn about the fundamentals of credit coaching and an understanding of how to fix adverse bureau listings.  Learn how to identify, understand and resolve your clients challenges.

The Money Revolution Book​

The personal Money Revolution Book empowers you to better understand the cycle of personal debt along with the systems and decision processes that trap consumers into a lifetime of repayments. It offers a simple eight-step process to pay off debt and build support systems that enable a personal finance culture built on a spirit of “Ubuntu”. The book reveals a new way of managing personal finances.

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Meet *Mandla*

Meet Mandla, a client of ours who has discovered that even after several years of employment, earning a good salary he is approaching his 40’s and still does not own a home, is paying off his car loan and he starts every month with a negative balance. 

Mandla approached Zoluhle because he was sick and tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, he wanted to understand exactly what he needs to do to start having money.  Mandla represents more than 80% of the South African working population and if you are reading this, you have started on your journey to being different. 

Becoming wealthy is a necessity in our lifetime, the amount of money you have determines, where you live, your level of safety, where your children go to school and even whether you live or die as hospitals with the best facilities cost money. We know what your challenges are and we are here to deliver tools, skills and guidance that helps you get out of debt and start building your legacy.