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Based on 36 Reviews
Inga Luthuli
19 September 2021

It was more than great!!!! Whooo The hospitality when I got there and throughout the conference was amazing.. Life transforming Knowledge from the coaches, i like the fact that it was practical information.. the friendliness and openness that I got from those I had the opportunity to interact with, and yeeey we were fed, big ups to the chefs..OMG The beautiful views... We also had play time.. We played volley ball and table tennis, was fun!!!!Yhuuu there is a lot that I can mention.. It was a breakthrough experince helped me holistically!! I think we should increase the number of days next year, so that we may have more time🤷‍♀️

Thembekile Mthabela
19 September 2021

What an experience, lots was learned the power of being centered and being conscious in everything you do in life and not and never blaming anyone else for the decisions you yourself took knowing very well where it will end. Key message... Take full charge of your life, be alive, be conscious in every aspect of your life, have the confidence, love yourself as you would do to your loved ones... There's lots I can say.. The experience was absolutely worth every cent.. The food, the lodge, the amazing Zoluhle Team.. I am grateful, thank you.

Unathi Gqoli
19 September 2021

It was the best 40th birthday gift ever to myself , The Breakthrough Experience was out of this world. It exceeded my expectations in every sphere. Everything was just amazing from Zoluhle Team, the coaches,attendees and the hotel staff. I've learned a lot from personal development, confidence, relationships, finances,spirituality and every aspect of life. The love that I've received from Zibu Masotobe and her team was amazing, they organised a 40th birthday party for me, I received gifts from Zoluhle Financial Wellness team, coaches and attendees. I'm grateful for the experience and thank you for everything. It is a program that every adult needs because it covers development & empowerment in every aspect of life. In the future I will look out for other Zoluhle Financial Wellness programmes because TBE was value for money.

Ondela Magodla
19 September 2021

Oh I had a great time #TBE21I have learned to love and respect myself, to celebrate myself and every milestone of my life, to align time; money and energy to my needs and wants, to be confident, to have a positive mind-set and positive energy and above all to love life. Oh and the bonus I got taught the strategies and secrets of prayer and to interpret the Bible verses. I will do this again given a chance, mixing and rubbing shoulders with lovely women who are keen to empower themselves.

Fikile Ngcobo
19 September 2021

Wow what an awesome weekend may God bless each and everyone of you. Zoluhle team, our brilliant coaches, we thank God for your wisdom and lastly Zibu may God bless the womb that carries you. You are a gift to SA.

Philisiwe Msomi
19 September 2021

Attending The Breakthrough Experience 2021 was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Zibu MaSotobe and her Life Coaches delivered world class personal development retreat. So much was covered, from finances, spirituality, business, personal development. It was an amazing experience.

Nomusa Precious Buthelezi
19 September 2021

Really appreciate the holistic approach to abundance with focus on details and exceptional service. Forever grateful for having been assisted in my finances and everything else that matters in wealth creation. The breakthrough experience provides clear path to success, abundance a s wealth. I would highly recommend it to everyone who intends to change their life for good. It is only the beginning...

Nonhlanhla Dludla
14 September 2021

Attending the finance masterclass with Zibu felt like a spiritual awakening. I was so lost in a sea of bad financial decisions one after another. Zibu was like a light at the end of the tunnel. After this class I knew exactly what I had been doing wrong. I have corrected most of my mistakes. I am well on my Personal finance revolution journey,ready to make my money work for me. I have a large some of money which I am excited to invest with the assistance of Zoluhle investment experts. I am committed to sponsoring two final year students every year for them to attend this classThank you Zibu.

Nnana Molefe
2 September 2021

The Zoluhle financial master class is more than just a master class; it is an awakening. I love how Zibu incorporates the spiritual factor into her teachings. She demonstrates simply how money/wealth is connected to one’s spirituality and spiritual growth. She demonstrates how having a crystal clear vision, planning, and prioritizing your goals are important aspects that will lead one to financial freedom. Her use of case studies during lessons enables one to identify with the character(s) at hand and immediately have a reflective view of his/her individual financial situation while getting solutions on how to get on the right track. My recommendation is for this class to be extended to new graduates and young adults in general because they are at the very beginning of their career and entrepreneurial lives. Thank you Zibu and the Zoluhle team. My life will never be the same again. I know that this is only the first step and that the journey is a long one. I know also that a lot of internal and external work will have to be done, but one day I will testify about how this day changed my life.

Cate Mokgoko
30 August 2021

One of the best decision i have ever made by attending the Masterclass. Learnt a lot and very hopefull that my life will take a different direction now... so im the future investor we learnt about hahahah..good feeling im telling you..i can see it with my eyes...Thank Zoluhle team for your love and time and the teachings..Thank you sis Zibu for sharing with us your life experiences. They really are making a difference and giving us hope that we too can better our sitiations and life. May the Lord bless you with long life so that you can touch amd impact many lives ....lots of love for you.....thank you thank you thank you.

khulile veronica
29 August 2021

Great workshop! You get info you wish you had at your earliest stages of employment. This is key financial info.

Sitembile Maduna
27 July 2021

The masterclass was very fruitful. I would recommend to parents to start taking their children to such classes. How I wish I had learnt of all the information I received, at a young age. It has certainly changed how I used to look at and manage money. If you wanna be debt free and start building wealth, then go to a financial master class. *Side note: I’d recommend the masterclass to be conducted over a period of 2 days.

Nomabali Maseti
14 July 2021

What a life changing experience, I wish I had attended this session earlier however I also learnt that it's never too late to start realizing you already have all that you need to change your situation. The masterclass is for everyone, irrespective of your current situation and I'm intending to attending with my daughter as soon as she is grown and can grasp the concept of money so that she can never fall into traps that I have fallen into. In this class you get the perspective about how to have a good relationship with your money. My take home was that I need to have a vision and a plan for my money as it is not loyal but only favors those who listens.Thank you so much Zibu and your team. I love you for helping us to change the game for our families.

It was indeed a transformational session... A lot of truth which is always uncomfortable but necessary. I would say, do not attend if you're not mentally prepared to hear it and change your behaviour. I realised that the first step is to accept that there is a problem and work on changing everyday through small things such as takeaways etc. The biggest take home for me was the store house (savings) and the reflecting on what would happen should today be my last day on earth. It is not going to be an easy road breaking old embedded learnings but I am the only person who can rescue myself from what I got myself into.

Money Masterclass is the revolution the whole of Africa needs. Thank you for assuring me & demonstrating to us that it is possible to live a debt free life and make money a good servant. You made me think hard about the kind of relationship I have with my money. I'd encourage everyone who needs an overhaul on their finances to invest in Money Masterclass. The most awesome thing about Masterclass is that, you don't necessarily have to be deep in debt to start considering investing on the program. I'd recommend it to everyone from teenagers, students, graduates,home executives, entrepreneurs... EVERYONE! Long live Zibu.

Nolizwi Ntsontso
7 June 2021

The outline of the master class touched on the basics which everyone should have been taught before starting work. I am happy with the knowledge I received and will be implementing it from now. What stood out the most for me was that you must have a plan and vision for your life inorder for money to work for you. The content and delivery was excellent.

I have never been so inspired and empowered. I will most definitely do this again and venture into other Zoluhle services. I wish everyone can have access to such knowledge, and I will never stop recommending to others. Thank you Zoluhle

Yamkela Gqola
1 June 2021

What a great experience I had during the Masterclass in Johannesburg! I travelled from Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) since I could not let this opportunity pass. I bought the ticket in March as a birthday present for May, because I knew it was time to think differently about my finances. The Masterclass was relevant for everyone, whether you earn above the minimum wage, are in the middle class, or an investor. President Zibu delivered the session full of insight, warmth, and humour. I walked out there knowing where I am in my finances and the behaviours that I now need to adapt to make a difference. The Zoluhle team offered a holistic experience, from the money talk to the hospitality and the environment. I felt at home; it was more than value for money. It was excellence. Thank you, Zoluhle Financial Wellness.

Mlando Mvubu
31 May 2021

The Masterclass (JHB, 29 May 2021) was my first. It was indeed an eye opening experience. I learned a lot of things, new info, new ways of thinking about things, and new ways of approaching things financial. The class has sent me on a research expedition, obviously there is a lot I must know. Thank Zibu and the Zoluhle Team!

Julia Khela
31 May 2021

Wow!I am inspired 💯Attending MasterClass was the best decision I've ever made!I will never be the same again.Thank you President Zibu ❤❤❤

Our Popular Products

These are some of our most popular individual programs at Zoluhle.

The Money Makeover Masterclass

The Money Make Over Masterclass is a 6 month program designed to change your money story forever. The program includes a full-day training workshop that will show you the most direct, clear and easy to follow plan towards financial fitness. The program will demonstrate the specific choices that you can make right now to accelerate your journey to financial independence.

The Credit Assessment

The fully online interactive training that will guide you towards becoming a confident credit coach. The program equips coaches to deliver value to clients. The program establishes the foundation you need to learn about the fundamentals of credit coaching and an understanding of how to fix adverse bureau listings.  Learn how to identify, understand and resolve your clients challenges.

The Money Revolution Book​

The personal Money Revolution Book empowers you to better understand the cycle of personal debt along with the systems and decision processes that trap consumers into a lifetime of repayments. It offers a simple eight-step process to pay off debt and build support systems that enable a personal finance culture built on a spirit of “Ubuntu”. The book reveals a new way of managing personal finances.

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Meet Mandla, a client of ours who has discovered that even after several years of employment, earning a good salary he is approaching his 40’s and still does not own a home, is paying off his car loan and he starts every month with a negative balance. 

Mandla approached Zoluhle because he was sick and tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, he wanted to understand exactly what he needs to do to start having money.  Mandla represents more than 80% of the South African working population and if you are reading this, you have started on your journey to being different. 

Becoming wealthy is a necessity in our lifetime, the amount of money you have determines, where you live, your level of safety, where your children go to school and even whether you live or die as hospitals with the best facilities cost money. We know what your challenges are and we are here to deliver tools, skills and guidance that helps you get out of debt and start building your legacy.