Learn the science of having money...

There is an exact science to having enough money for your needs, it's possible to never have to worry about month end, knowing that you have an exact plan for managing your finances.

Owning your home, car, and other assets fully and not being bogged down with endless debit orders at the end of the month is within your reach.

The Financial Goals

When you first started earning a salary you had plans, financial goals that you knew your salary could help you achieve …. but your dreams were dashed when the needs quickly overtook the plans you had and what started as one or two credit agreements has become endless notifications of deductions at month end, leaving you with very little for living expenses and savings. 

It does not help that most solutions that are advertised for solving your finances can be MORE confusing than your situation and it is easy to make a mistake.  It is time to get back in control of your finances, to put a plan in place pay off the debt (in a smart way) and get started on your journey to wealth creation. There is a reason why we have grown exponentially since 2012, we have a method that works and we are here to guide you every step of the way. 


Our Story

We are NOT your average personal finance firm, we are big enough to represent you and yet small enough to know you and your case intimately. We started our work when we realised just how much people were struggling to get proper guidance on how to avoid or pay off their debt and even when they tried and paid debt off, the struggle to clear their credit scores was never ending. 

We do NOT do debt review, we respect that it is a relevant option for some people, we believe that clients who do not own homes should not consider this option unless it is their last resort. We care about you and your household, we love our country and we want to see more South Africans own title deeds for their homes and cars. 

We have perfected the program to help our clients master the art of having enough money to cover their needs and begin the journey to wealth creation. We would like to partner with you in changing your life and relationship with money.  

How we work?

Changing the way Africans make, spend & save money.


Helping Clients Purchase Their Homes
Improving the Credit Score
Empowering with Knowledge
Removing Blacklisting