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Wealth creation is a journey and there are several ways to get there. When you join Zoluhle the first step is booking your assessment, which we use to identify the best route for you, based on your starting point.

We hold your hand and journey with you. through the Zoluhle report, we show you landmarks along the way that you may not have noticed before, and also point out things that you see often, but in a different light.

When you book your assessment, our trained counsellors run a report to analyze your profile and identify the following:

Your current credit score, factors that are negatively affecting the profile and how we can remove them.

We also look at your debt to income ratio, your current debt repayment plan and we generate a comprehensive report, that shows you:

If your profile has any adverse listings, judgements, debt review or prescriptions. The report will also take you through what need to get done to remove those and how Zoluhle can help you move from where you are, to your financial goals.

When your assessment is complete, the report is sent to you and a teleconference meeting is scheduled to take you through what we found and explain your plan to financial freedom.

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The Personal Finance Revolution is on Promotion!

The Personal Finance Revolution

The Personal Finance Revolution

We don’t just do consultative work on personal finance, we also wrote a popular book about the personal finance revolution.  The intention is to inspire the reader towards change, by focussing all of their energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

It is a revolution of building new systems, new perceptions and new interpretations of our reality, ones that empower and enrich our lives.

From the pursuit of things, to the pursuit of happiness.

Understanding that wealth is abundant, unlimited and accessible to all, and it starts with your intentions, your thoughts and how you treat money. Thus, being mindful of your money versus being oblivious to it.

This is where your journey to financial freedom begins...

We have you covered, from masterclasses to personal finance credit assessments, and a book for personal growth.

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