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Access our growing network of financially savvy and educated clients, through our digital platforms to build meaningful relationships, attract, create, and build new client relationships and increase your deals and transactions.

Zoluhle uses its content and technology to educate consumers on finances online, via social media as well as through workplace financial wellness programs, our solution is tried and tested and through collaboration your organization can better engage your client base with customizable financial wellness content to deliver a personalized curriculum based on your clients financial journey map.

Benefits of our solution.

Socially relevant lead generation, harnessing the power of targeted lead generation

Financially educated customers invest 40% more

Measure your increased closing rates on deals and trac your deposits growth YoY

The Platform.

Our financial wellness platform provides over 150 user data points, giving financial services companies the unique ability to engage, benchmark, educate and increase the call to actions with clients

The integration of our content with your current product offerings gives your organization the opportunity to increase leads, increase deal closing and engage with customers on platform developed for their wealth creation journey. The Zoluhle Money Academy is our solution that provides your business with an opportunity to engage with more educated investors and employees.

83% of South African consumers are classified as in financial distress, in the current economic climate the millions of rands spent in advertising is lost when more than 20% of credit application result as declined, we can help improve the quality of the applications across your consumer products as well as SMME funding instruments.
Thousands of potential clients are untapped and unengaged, we can bring them to you. 


Our intelligent technology, vast content and BankSEta accredited lessons will drive educated referrals with glowing credit profiles directly to your door.

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