About Us

At Zoluhle Financial Wellness,
We do one thing well: Help you gain financial freedom.

We have spent the past six years investing our time and resources to develop expert knowledge to help South Africans, take back control of their finances and wealth creation journey.

Our Story

Zoluhle Financial Wellness is a 100% black female owned solutions company. We have successfully rolled out the financial wellness program to employees in organizations across the country.

If you see your logo on the “organisations served” section, that means that some of your employees have reached out and paid for the solutions we offer.  We are confident that more of them would be grateful to have this service brought closer to home.

Zoluhle Financial Wellness was established in 2012. It was part of the founder’s Masters Degree Research program at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Zoluhle has grown and developed into a highly research and financial wellness institution in the country. We have educated over 300 thousand people in events both online and across the country.

“Empowering People, building a financial savvy workforce and improving workplace productivity.”

Today in South Africa, we have over 82% of the workforce living from paycheck to paycheck, with over 72% of salaries already owed to creditors before it is earned, Statistics SA release figures that show that the South African national household savings rate is less than 1%, this is not sustainable, and it is the biggest contributor to the widening inequality between classes in the country.

At Zoluhle, we know that there is a better way to provide financial literacy to the South African workforce; we understand that the impact of our programs will benefit each of the 2.4 average households supported by each employed breadwinner in the country, that it will reduce the high levels of tension at the wage negotiation table and result in most employees achieving home ownership.

Our Vision

Changing the way Africans make, spend and save money through financial dignity and economic empowerment programming in communities

Our Mission

To reduce inequality by providing solutions that enable collaboration across sectors. Transform the way Africa makes, spends and saves money

Our Value

Our values are transparency, responsible spending, ethical practice and making a difference one transaction at a time.

How we work?

Changing the way Africans make, spend & save money.

What We Do

Zoluhle is a tried and tested financial wellness solution.

Meet our team

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Ms Cords Mabija

Personal Assistant
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Ms Sthakaso Zungu

Client Services Supervisor
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Ms Fanele Mchunu

Assessor Admin

We also wrote A Best Seller on Personal Finance:
The Personal Finance Revolution

The Personal Finance Revolution

We don’t just do consultative work on personal finance, we also wrote a popular book about the personal finance revolution.  The intention is to inspire the reader towards change, by focussing all of their energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

It is a revolution of building new systems, new perceptions and new interpretations of our reality, ones that empower and enrich our lives.

From the pursuit of things, to the pursuit of happiness.

Understanding that wealth is abundant, unlimited and accessible to all, and it starts with your intentions, your thoughts and how you treat money. Thus, being mindful of your money versus being oblivious to it.

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